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Flat Roofing In Texas

Residential Flat Roofing Contractor in Texas

Around for centuries, flat roof construction has a place in modern urban environments. In Texas, they have proven to be an impressive, cost-effective, and durable roofing option for homeowners.

Flat roofs lend that unique Southwestern feel to our communities. Easy to repair and replace, they are common in Texas homes and are often used alongside pitched roofs.

5 Best Flat Roofing Materials - Texas Select Construction

Common Materials Used in Flat Roof Construction in Texas


Texas Built-Up Roof System

Flat roofs in Texas include built-up roofing systems using hot tar. As a flat roof company in Texas, we offer this system due to its popularity and affordability. The base of this roof is layers of hot tar. Between the layers, we use water-resilient material. We ensure your roof has a durable finish by topping it off with a broad layering of pebbles.

Texas Cool Flat Roofing

Flat roofs in Texas often have a white elastomeric layer on top. This helps in keeping the sun and its heat at bay. Moreover, the coating also expands and contracts as the temperature rises and drops. This can help you stay cool, literally and figuratively as you not only enjoy the cool atmosphere but a lower electricity bill!

Texas PVC Roofing

Short for polyvinyl chloride, PVC is a type of plastic, which can be used to create flat roofs. Modern technology makes it possible to use PVC for building sturdy roofs. PVC roofing has varying thicknesses, which determines the durability and life of the roof. You can count on our best roofing company in Texas to make a PVC roof with optimal dimensions.

Modified Bitumen Flat Roofing System in Texas

Modified bitumen is a popular choice of roofing materials in Texas. In the past, installing this type of roof was hazardous. Today, we use adhesives to ensure a safe setup. Building the mineral surface using light colors means your roof can reflect solar heat.

Flat Roofing Contractors in Texas

Using each of the above materials, we have built, insulated and replaced numerous flat roofing systems for satisfied homeowners across Texas. Each material has its own qualities and we understand the best way to use them. While we don’t want you to get bogged down by too many details, suffice it to say that our flat roofing installations are built to last in the climate and prevailing weather conditions of Texas.

Installation, Replacement and Repair Process for Flat Roofs in Texas

We install any system created for a sloped roof including clay or concrete tiles and asphalt shingles by overlapping each row on top of one another. The roofing system and roof pitch work together to shed rainwater as it is falling. Texas flat roofs have little or no pitch. This means eventually water would penetrate beneath your tiles or shingles.

The result would be substrate rotting and interior leaks. For this reason, our experience is crucial to ensure all possible seams are avoided. Water is a threat because it can find access through inadequately sealed seams and holes. We eliminate this possibility by creating a barrier impenetrable to water. We accomplish this by using a physical barrier such as a coating or rubber membrane.

Your flat roof in Texas requires a layer of insulation, hot air welding or adhesives. We install certain types of modified bitumen using a torch to help ensure the seal is properly heated.

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Why Choose Us for Your Next Flat Roof Installation in Texas?

Our team has installed and performed repairs for flat roofs in Texas for over 50 years combined. We take pride in helping homeowners receive a high-quality roofing system for a fair price. Whether you need flat roof repair in Texas or a new installation, we will come to your home to discuss the options available and provide you with an estimate to replace your roof.

Pros and Cons of Common Texas Flat Roofs


There are both pros and cons to flat roof replacement. In addition to the benefits and disadvantages of a flat roof, you also need to consider the cost of flat roof repair.

• Our high-end membranes will last between 30 and 40 years
• Energy efficient and solar reflective
• Flat roof repair Texas is simple with EPDM rubber
• We offer waterproof TPO and PVC roofing systems with hot-air welded seams
• Some materials for flat roofs are recyclable
• We can install a flat roof on your patio or garden rooftop
• Resists inclement Texas weather including wind and rain


• EPDM membranes with seams have a tendency to leak
• Proper flashing is necessary to prevent leaks from exterior penetrations
• Expert and expensive equipment and installation are required
• Sharp objects can puncture Texas flat roofs

Frequent Questions We Hear Often

A flat roof is economical, has been used for a long time and offers energy efficiency to Texas homes.

Yes, it is possible for a flat roof to crack. We cover the roof with a layer of asphalt to help decrease exposure to the Texas sun. If the temperature becomes too hot, your asphalt can still crack. The sun also emits harmful UV rays beating down on your roof all day, every day. This can wear down roofing materials including asphalt.

As time passes, the pressure can cause your roof to split. As the best flat roof company in Texas, we are able to apply a new coating to your roof when cracks are an issue. This ensures your roof will continue to function properly.

One of the most common flat roof issues is low spots. This is mostly attributed to flat roofs having less drainage. When it rains, the water begins to pool over certain sections of your roof. As time passes, the weight of the water results in the creation of low spots. This can result in various issues such as leaks.

Your best option is to find flat roof replacement near me to fill in the low spots. This helps ensure your roof remains flat with no holes causing either pooling or puddling. If your roof has a high pitch, you should not experience this issue.

Drainage issues can occur if your flat roof has little or no pitch. Many residential roofs do not have this issue because of a high pitch. This enables the water to run down directly to the ground or into your gutters. If your flat roof was installed incorrectly, the result can be poor drainage.

This often leads to numerous issues including water being unable to run down and dripping directly onto your roof. Eventually, the result is holes in your roof. Unless you have your flat roof repaired, you will experience leaks every time it rains.

Your best option is to have a roofing company even the surface of your roof to help ensure there is no ponding. There are specific products we use to completely fill any low spots and improve your pitch. This provides you with a much better level of drainage and helps to eliminate the possibility of a leak when it rains. We also offer roof inspections to determine if your roof requires any repairs.

If you have any questions regarding your roof, you need to ask them. When you purchased your home, you did not have the opportunity to select the type of roofing system you want. Since you have a flat roof, understanding how your roof was constructed, the required annual maintenance and the best options to avoid issues and leaks is highly recommended. This will prepare you for the future.

How insurance pays out claims depends on the policy.

There are two types of coverage property owners have the option of buying.

The most common type of coverage is called Replacement Cost Value, also known as an RCV policy.

An RCV policy will calculate 100% of the current costs of materials and labor, and will calculate in costs associated with a contractor’s business operations.

If the current cost of replacing your roof is $20,000 (the RCV total amount), the math involved to pay that out will involve 3 numbers.

Insurance will pay out 2 of those numbers and the policyholder will pay the 3rd.

To kickstart the replacement of your hypothetical $20,000 roof, insurance will pay out 1 number upfront while you will pay the Deductible.

The 1st payment that insurance makes is called the Actual Cash Value, also known as the ACV.

The ACV and Deductible of an RCV policy will normally be furnished to your contractor at a point of time between material delivery and the day of installation.

After the job is completed, a contractor will invoice the insurance for the 3rd payment.

That 3rd payment is called the Depreciation.

Depreciation is released by insurance after they receive an invoice showing that the scope of work has been fulfilled.

The Depreciation, ACV and Deductible add up to total the RCV.

Depreciation + ACV + Deductible = RCV

The second and less common type of coverage is called Actual Cash Value, also known as an ACV-only policy.

ACV-only coverage is like RCV coverage except for one major factor.

Where RCV coverage will pay out an ACV payment upfront and a Depreciation payment after completion, ACV-only coverage will only pay out an ACV payment. It will not include Depreciation.

So, if it costs $20,000 to replace your roof, and, say, your deductible is $4,000, then the ACV payout will be just a portion of the remaining $16,000.

At this point, the property owner will be responsible for making up whatever the difference is, in addition to their deductible.

ACV + Deductible + Difference Paid By Policyholder = Cost of Roof Replacement

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Our operation is designed to provide you with a dedicated team that manages your claim from beginning to end. 

Here is our operation laid out in a linear fashion for easy understanding.

A sales consultant will give you a report about your roof’s condition and offer advice based on their inspection.

If a claim is appropriate, they’ll walk you through that step.

They’ll be there to work with your insurance adjuster in the process of identifying damage and matching their findings so that you get what you need to be made whole.

Once your carrier submits their initial offer, your consultant will look over the paperwork for the details that your specific situation calls for, determining what may need to be supplemented for a full and proper scope.

Our sales manager may assist your consultant regarding any unique aspects related to your situation.

They’ll review these details with you during an educational session, either in person or virtually. You’ll then have a chance to discuss other details as you finalize your options and choices.

After you and your consultant finalize your agreement, then your order is handed off to our accounts receivable manager who will make sure all your paperwork is in order before approving it for production.

If items have been identified for supplementation, then your project’s paperwork will be handed off to our insurance specialist. He will prepare the documentation necessary to communicate with your desk adjuster for the most efficient and effective outcomes we can achieve on your behalf. Most communication needed with you at this point will be handled by your consultant.

Next, your project will move to our production manager’s desk. They’ll review and order the materials needed for your project, and schedule their delivery. They’ll also assign and schedule the crew for your installation. All the while, he will be in communication with you so you have a point of contact if anything needs to be rescheduled.

During the day of your roof replacement, your sales consultant will check in with the crew lead. 

By this time, you’ll have had a chance to make your first payment of deductible and ACV through ACH (electronically) or your consultant will pick up the payment. 

Soon after the completion of your replacement, our quality assurance manager will visit your property for a final walkthrough and inspection, taking note of any issues that may need to be corrected and performing a final clean-up.

After the entire scope of work is completed, our accounts receivable manager will invoice insurance showing the work done. Insurance will then release the third payment, the Depreciation. Once payment is complete, she will then register your roof’s warranty.

This whole process is overseen by our chief operations officer.

What else can you tell me about your company?


  • Are licensed with the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas
  • Are a Platinum Contractor with Owens Corning
  • Are a certified installer with Attic Breeze
  • Are a certified installer with Lomanco
  • Have a great working relationship with F Wave Synthetic Shingles
  • Are an award-winning retailer with national suppliers that have local warehouses, including Gulfeagle Supply
  • Have earned 5-star reviews from over 200 clients

We are a forward-thinking, value-driven company thriving on services. We’re focused on excelling at what we do and pushing ourselves and the industry in our local market to the next level.


We hope that you have the information you need to make the best choice for you and your situation at this point. If that road leads you to Ark Roofer, then we look forward to meeting you. 

All the best, 

Ark Roofer

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Dan Johnson
Ark Roofers and Jeff Whitt were excellent to work with. I have three rental properties in the same area that all needed hew roofs due to hail damage. Jeff and ark helped me get the most out of the insurance companies, took care of planning, coordinated with the tenants, and basically made it as easy as possible for me to manage the entire process. I highly recommend Ark & Jeff!
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Rita Zimmermann
I cannot say enough good things about Ark Roofer. I had them install new gutters with a leaf covers. From the gentleman who came for the estimate to the installation crew they were so professional. I also like the fact that there was constant communication from calls, texts and even an email from the owner .The experience was excellent.