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The Central Texas summers – when electric bills are as high as the scorching temperatures. The rising energy costs are frustrating enough, but when you’re struggling to keep the heat out, your house can quickly become a place from which you want to escape. The first step to achieving energy efficiency and reclaiming comfort for your home begins in the attic.

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Why Is My House So Hot?

Well, because the sun is hot.

Throughout the day, the sun’s heat is impacting your roof and, depending on your roofing system, that heat is being absorbed – particularly so for shingle roofs, not as much with metal roofs. As your roof releases the heat, it escapes both back into the air and into your attic.

Once in your attic, the gained heat energy radiates to the closest cooler areas: the air ducts and the attic floor.

Now, radiant heat is entering your home’s air conditioning system and interior ceilings.

Throughout the day, your HVAC system is constantly battling the effects of radiant heat conduction and transfer in your attic and the air ducts themselves.

The result: out-of-control energy bills and a discomforting living space. Utter frustration.

About Radiant Barrier

Radiant barrier insulation, often referred to as reflective insulation, is a type of thermal insulator designed to impede heat transfer through thermal radiation. They work by reducing the amount of radiant heat gain in an attic, and ultimately your home.

Radiant barrier is a layer of thin foil-like sheets installed beneath the attic rafters. This actively contains intrusive heat within the airspace between the foil and decking, allowing the hot air to circulate back out through the ridges.

Similar to how a sunshade reduces the radiant heat in your car on a hot, sunny day, radiant barrier insulation drastically reduces the ambient temperature in your attic. This reduction in radiant heat significantly reduces the strain on your HVAC system as there is less heat inside the attic to transfer into the air ducts.

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Why Radiant Barrier?

Because we can’t stop the sun from being hot. And so, radiant barrier insulation is the next best thing in order to:

Radiant heat is your home’s worst enemy against energy efficiency. A perpetually hot attic compounds the strain on your HVAC system. Radiant barrier lessens how often and how hard your system has to work to keep your home cool.

Particularly in these prolonged Central Texas summers, your home is the last place you want to experience the heat. Battling the heat at the source, your attic, you can enjoy the comfort of your own home. 

Our Process

Reclaiming comfort begins with a no-cost, no-commitment inspection and consultation.

Initial Inspection

One of our Ark Consultants will thoroughly inspect your roof, around the exterior of your home, and inside your attic. Throughout the inspection, you will have access to a live url-link with photos and videos so you can see everything your consultant sees.


Upon inspection, you and your consultant will review the assessment and recommendations.


Once you choose the solution that best fits your needs, we schedule a convenient time for you and our expert installers.

Quality Inspection

Once the installation is complete, our quality control managers will review the jobsite ensuring not only a successful install, but also that we leave no mess behind.

Learn more about the benefits of radiant barrier insulation:

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Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson
Ark Roofers and Jeff Whitt were excellent to work with. I have three rental properties in the same area that all needed hew roofs due to hail damage. Jeff and ark helped me get the most out of the insurance companies, took care of planning, coordinated with the tenants, and basically made it as easy as possible for me to manage the entire process. I highly recommend Ark & Jeff!
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Erika Rodriguez
Ark felt like family since the first day I met with them. Amazing people work at Ark, they strive to do their best and their priority is the customer ❤️❤️
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Ann Kaiser
Excellent portfolio of photos given to us after a post hail inspection. Had no damage fortunately. Very kind and informative!!
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Rid Waworuntu
The staff came on schedule and abled to finish the job by end of day
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Rick Gilger
Great service. Referred to several individuals Jason Herrin was on our roof several times to make sure it was being done properly. Thanks Jason!
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Jessica Ward
I was very impressed with the quality of work, the professionalism and the follow through they provided. They handled all aspects of my insurance, following up with them repeatedly, even when my insurance became unresponsive. I highly recommend would absolutely use them again.
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Rita Zimmermann
I cannot say enough good things about Ark Roofer. I had them install new gutters with a leaf covers. From the gentleman who came for the estimate to the installation crew they were so professional. I also like the fact that there was constant communication from calls, texts and even an email from the owner .The experience was excellent.

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