From Disaster
to Luxury

From Disaster to Luxury

In January 2023, a Georgetown, TX homeowner who had been grappling with severe leaks and unwanted pests in their recently purchased property reached out to Ark Roofer. 

As we embarked on the journey to resolve their initial issues, we quickly uncovered a ton of challenges that would put our skills and commitment to the test. This is the complete story of that journey.

Metal roof with solar panels installed.

A Homeowner’s Frustration

This homeowner’s tale of woe began with a leaking roof in multiple areas, and even unwanted wasp intruders into the home. Our initial inspection revealed extensive hail damage on their aged metal roof. However, the extent of the problem became apparent when we went into the attic. There we discovered prevalent signs of significant water damage seeping through decking, into the attic, and infiltrating the ceiling below.It was clear that work needed to be done, and fast.

Attic space with electrical wiring.
Attic vent with visible ductwork.
Attic with exposed wooden beams.

The Roofing Issues

Just as soon as our team began the process of removing the existing metal roof, they were confronted with a shocking sight: the previous roofers had installed the metal roof atop multiple layers of shingles.

Installing a new roofing system on top of an existing roof is NEVER a good practice. It can trap moisture, lead to corrosion, and more importantly prevent a proper inspection of the entire roofing system down to the decking.

Partially dismantled roof with a visible shingle layer underneath metal panels, with workers and trees in the background.
Deteriorated roof needing repair.

Unbelievably, we counted seven layers of felt, indicative of seven different instances where new roofs were haphazardly slapped on the prior roof system. Removing all roofing materials down to the decking revealed significant damage that had even extended into the attic and home.

What was initially intended as a metal roof replacement rapidly evolved into a comprehensive roofing system overhaul, necessitating additional interior and exterior roof work.
Gutters were improperly installed and needed replacement, drywall in multiple rooms demanded attention, and water stains marred various spaces.
These issues weren’t solely the result of weather but also stemmed from repeated instances of shoddy workmanship, compounding the damages.

The Ark Experience

For the homeowner, all these newly uncovered issues raised understandable concerns, given that their initial estimate had already been approved and paid out by insurance. Was the homeowner now going to be on the hook for these damages caused by prior irresponsible and careless roofing jobs?

This is where Ark Roofer’s seasoned experience working with insurance claims and supplements proved most beneficial for our homeowner. In part due to our meticulous photo and video documentation throughout the job and in part to our experience working and communicating directly with insurance claim handlers and adjusters, we were positioned to ensure that this homeowner’s insurance claim coverage was fully covered in our scope of work.

This begins with our on-site quality control managers, who played a pivotal role in this project. Documenting every single issue found after removing the many layers of previous roofing systems, with measurements and accompanying photographs, our QC managers relayed all their meticulously detailed documentation to our internal estimations team.

Communication between Ark and the homeowner’s insurance proceeded seamlessly, with the homeowner kept well-informed throughout the process.

Due to our rapid process and communication, we had a comprehensive insurance supplement request ready within 24 hours. 

Ark’s commitment to quality workmanship and constant communication culminated in the supplement’s approval in just 20 days!

A Solution in Sight

Full disclosure: we don’t slap new roofs on old ones.

Removal & Installation

We carefully strip away all prior roofing material down to the decking, ensuring that when we leave, the homeowner doesn’t just have a new roof but an entire roofing system designed to withstand future weather events.

This homeowner’s initial objective was to resolve the severe leaks plaguing their home. 

Our estimate called for the installation of a 24-gauge 1.5” snap-lock metal roof, supplied by McElroy Metal. To ensure longevity and vibrant aesthetics, their custom fabricated metal panels were coated with Sherwin Williams’ Kynar 500® metal paint, guaranteeing that the roof would retain its sharp color in the face of sun, wind, rain, and hail for decades to come. 

This is a metal roofing system not just built to last in this Central Texas climate, but also adds a vibrantly refreshing enhancement to the home’s curb appeal.

Final Product

Despite the unforeseen challenges that emerged during the process, our experience and expertise in navigating insurance claims proved invaluable. 

The homeowner was ultimately spared the burden of addressing these issues on their own, and the headaches that can come from dealing with insurance all alone.

In the end, this homeowner is finally able to experience the peace of mind and home comforts that had been missing since moving in.

And despite the obstacles encountered, the Ark Roofer team exemplified why we proudly declare ourselves as “Georgetown’s most reliable experts.”

Over 2,000 Homeowners Have Trusted Us.

Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson
Ark Roofers and Jeff Whitt were excellent to work with. I have three rental properties in the same area that all needed hew roofs due to hail damage. Jeff and ark helped me get the most out of the insurance companies, took care of planning, coordinated with the tenants, and basically made it as easy as possible for me to manage the entire process. I highly recommend Ark & Jeff!
Erika Rodriguez
Erika Rodriguez
Ark felt like family since the first day I met with them. Amazing people work at Ark, they strive to do their best and their priority is the customer ❤️❤️
Ann Kaiser
Ann Kaiser
Excellent portfolio of photos given to us after a post hail inspection. Had no damage fortunately. Very kind and informative!!
Rid Waworuntu
Rid Waworuntu
The staff came on schedule and abled to finish the job by end of day
Rick Gilger
Rick Gilger
Great service. Referred to several individuals Jason Herrin was on our roof several times to make sure it was being done properly. Thanks Jason!
Jessica Ward
Jessica Ward
I was very impressed with the quality of work, the professionalism and the follow through they provided. They handled all aspects of my insurance, following up with them repeatedly, even when my insurance became unresponsive. I highly recommend would absolutely use them again.
Rita Zimmermann
Rita Zimmermann
I cannot say enough good things about Ark Roofer. I had them install new gutters with a leaf covers. From the gentleman who came for the estimate to the installation crew they were so professional. I also like the fact that there was constant communication from calls, texts and even an email from the owner .The experience was excellent.

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