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Luke Secora

Do you have residential or commercial properties that you manage for owners? Pilgrim Management Company in Georgetown, TX, is a property management company that works exclusively with Ark Roofer for all their roofing projects, interior leaks, and any storm related damages for all their properties.

Anytime there’s a hail storm in the area, or a report of a leak in the home due to a faulty roof, Ark Roofer sends out an experienced roofing contractor for a free, no obligation inspection. We take detailed pictures of any damages, and type up a full report at no cost, giving the owner peace of mind knowing exactly what their situation is.

Typically, if a roof was hit by hail, and we find evidence of hail damage to the roof and possibly gutters, window screens, and more, we help the insured file a claim with their insurance, then go back out to meet the insurance at the property for a final inspection together. Ark Roofer fights for you to make sure the insurance does a thorough job, and pay for what you deserve, as the insured. They pay for the entire cost, minus the deductible.
Ark Roofer makes this process seamless and easy for everyone, working with the property management company, and the insurance through the entire duration. Once payment is released to the insured from the insurance, and paperwork is sent over to Ark Roofer, we can sign a contract and get started.

Are You A Property Management Company?

Call us today for more information 512-785-0874!  We are excited to work with you and start a new relationship!

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