Owens Corning Oakridge Peppermill Gray

Luke Secora

The homeowners of this 11-year-old, 8,200sf roof in the Berry Creek neighborhood of Georgetown called Ark Roofer six months after the April 2021 hail storm.

It was easy for their insurance adjuster to make a judgment on this claim as the shingles on this roof were punched through by hailstones.

Hail punched through shingle

But that wasn’t the end of our work with the insurance company. Their scope of work left off key items that are fundamental to a complete roofing system, which, in this case, meant items present on this roof at the start were absent from their original scope, or code upgrades weren’t accounted for.

We have worked with carriers on scopes of work for a long time, so we patiently persisted until this carrier added these items to the scope they would pay for.

These homeowners consulted extensively with us and deliberated carefully about the materials and colors they would choose to restore their roof.

In addition to fixing their roof, they took this chance to remodel this home’s exterior a bit.

Berry Creek home before remodel

The first thing we did was work together to find the perfect shingle color. They settled on Owens Corning Oakridge Peppermill Gray, a color that was 2020’s Woman’s Choice Award.


Owens Corning Oakridge Peppermill Gray


View of Peppermill Gray in perfect lighting and angle

Oakridge shingles give a look that is rich and warm, which was extremely important for this project because of the brownstone masonry. These shingles have earthy tones that compliment the stone exterior, but also offer enough contrast to achieve the vision for their project.

Owens Corning Oakridge Peppermill Gray

The unique color blend in these shingles allowed the homeowners to choose three new tones of paint that transformed the exterior.

They went with Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter on the walls and soffits, Herbal Escape on the trim details in the stucco, and Sage Mountain on the rafter tails as well as the garage doors.

Peppermill Gray over three tones of Ben Moore

New coat of Ben Moore Sage Mountain on garage door and trim

To really add value and curb appeal, these owners added single-piece lead pipe boots instead of multi-piece pipe boots. A builder-grade 3-in-1 pipe boot comes with a rubber gasket that breaks down quickly because of the amount they’re exposed to UV rays, risking water entering the structure from around a pipe. 

A lead boot is a single piece of material that will last as long as the shingles.

Lead boot

In addition, the owners chose high-profile hip-and-ridge caps. These high-profile caps do a good job of enhancing the 539 feet of hip and ridge lines on their roof, creating an affect that communicates security and protection.

High-profile hip-and-ridge caps

Finally, they made the simple decision to go with open valleys instead of closed valleys, adding dramatic effect.

Open valley

By featuring the 208 feet of valleys like this, and by adding the high-profile hip-and-ridge caps, all 747 feet of lines now accentuate the facets on this roof to create a distinguished roofing system.

The final result is a home that went from looking like all the others to one that may have come out of a design magazine.

Berry Creek roof in Peppermill Gray

Peppermill Gray high-profile hip-and-ridge caps and open valleys

New Berry Creek Peppermill Gray roof

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