Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Designer Black Sable

Luke Secora

This old roof in Georgetown was damaged by the April 2021 hail storm.

This homeowner’s insurance adjuster agreed that this roof met the threshold for being totaled and needed to be replaced.
Hail damage
The owner decided to go with the 2019 shingle color of the year, Owens Corning’s Black Sable. This shingle comes from OC’s line of TruDefinition Duration Designer shingles.

Owens Corning mastered a timeless color with classic black, gray, umber brown, and a hint of sable. Getting that richness and depth right results in fierce sophistication and dangerous beauty.

Owens Corning Black Sable
This homeowner chose to optimize the service life of his new shingles by modifying his old attic ventilation system with an Attic Breeze solar fan.
Attic temperatures in Central Texas regularly reach the mid-hundreds. Attic Breeze solar attic fans solve this issue by continuously removing attic heat during the summer months. Cooler attic air won’t bake the shingles and accelerate their aging. Perhaps more importantly, this premier solar fan will help their insulation work better, keeping energy costs down and preserving the service life of their AC unit.
Attic Breeze

To accentuate the look of his roof, he bought bird caps.

Bird Cap & Drip Edge in Black

Bird caps do more than highlight the peaks of a roof. They will prevent birds from roosting on the peaks of his roof and causing that unsightly damage that comes from their acidic droppings.

To add contrast between his new roof and the exterior of his home, he used a drip edge color that matches his shingles instead of his fascia board.

Drip Edge Before & After
This homeowner took advantage of this opportunity to go with open valleys instead of closed valleys.
A hundred and forty linear feet span over eight valleys on this 4,400sf roof. This was a perfect chance to highlight these parts of his roof, adding a degree of luxury by making a simple choice to go with open valleys.
Open Valley

The end result is a roof transformed from bland and unremarkable to stunning and luxurious with Owens Corning’s Black Sable Shingles

Owens Corning's Black Sable Shingles

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