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Ever hear of stories of roofers offering to pay your deductible? Not only is this insurance fraud, but there are many ways to cut corners on a big roof. Here at Ark Roofer located in Georgetown, Tx, we don’t cut any corners. One of the easiest ways to save money when you pay for the roofer (and the homeowner), is to felt over the old felt paper without removing it. But, if you don’t expose the decking, you may not see what lurks below.

We replace all rotted wood or warped boards on your roof, before putting on a new one. In order to do this, we must remove not only the shingles, but also the felt paper all the way down to the decking.

Speaking of home improvements, the same principles apply when it comes to bathroom remodels. Just like with roofing, cutting corners in a bathroom remodel can lead to costly issues down the line. Whether it’s using subpar tiles that crack easily or installing a low-quality plumbing system that leaks, the consequences can be just as dire.

Another way roofers cut corners is by using inferior products underneath the shingles, that you the homeowner, never sees! If this is the case, you also get jipped out your manufacturers roofing system warranty. According to most manufactures, you must use a minimum of 3 or more of the same branded components on the roof. Here at Ark Roofer, we outfit the entire roof in the same brand. Most of the time, we either use Owens Corning or GAF.

Lastly, another way to cut corners is by not putting a flexible adhesive membrane around all problematic leak areas. These include chimneys, skylights, valleys, and all openings on the roof. Also, if you have a flat area where the roof isn’t steep, you will want to use this here too. Ark Roofer uses a product called Ice and Water Protective Barrier on all roofs. This is how and why we have such a great labor warranty!

Pay The Extra Money And Do It Right

These are just some of the ways roofing companies cut corners, and how they are able to pay deductibles, however, expect to call them back in 1-2 years due to your roof leaking. Don’t expect them to be there for you to fix your problems… If you want peace of mind, pay the extra money and do it right… It will last you 20-30 years and it’s well worth it…

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